Opleiding Zelfkonfrontatiemethode en Waarderingstheorie


Main Books:

Self-Narratives: The Construction of Meaning in Psychotherapy

Hubert J.M. Hermans & Els Hermans-Jansen

New York: Guilford Press, 1995 (since 2001 in paperback edition)


The Dialogical Self: Meaning as Movement

Hubert J.M. Hermans & Harry J.G. Kempen

San Diego: Academic Press, 1993


The dialogical self in psychotherapy

Hubert J.M. Hermans & Giancarlo Dimaggio (Eds.) with 18 chapters by internationally recognized psychotherapists and theoreticians

New York: Brunner & Routledge, 2004




Self, identity, and globalization in times of uncertainty: A dialogical analysis

Hubert J.M. Hermans, & Giancarlo Dimaggio Review of General Psychology, 2007, 11, 31-61


The Dialogical Self: Beyond Individualism and Rationalism

Hubert J.M. Hermans, Harry J.G. Kempen, & R.J.P. van Loon

American Psychologist, 1992, 47, 23-33


Voicing the Self: From Information Processing to Dialogical Interchange

Hubert J.M. Hermans Psychological Bulletin, 1996, 119, 31-50


Self-Narrative and Collective Myth: An Analysis of the Narcissus Story

Hubert J.M. Hermans & Willem van Gilst Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, 1991, 23, 423-440


The Person as a Motivated Storyteller: Valuation Theory and the Self-Confrontation Method

Hubert J.M. Hermans Advances in Personal Construct Psychology, 2002 (pp. 3-38), edited by R.A. Neimeyer & G.J. Neimeyer (Eds.)


Opposites in a Dialogical Self : Constructs as Characters

Hubert J.M. Hermans Journal of Constructivist Psychology, 1996, 9, 1-26

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